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High Performance FAT32 File System

The most reliable high performance embedded FAT32 file system available.
A portable FAT32 file system with Failsafe operation, support for 64-bit files, and state of the art handling of streaming data and digital video.


  • Zero Latency File IO
  • Deterministic
  • Failsafe Operation
  • 64-bit File IO
  • Video Record/Playback support
  • Streaming Data support
  • DOS/Windows/FAT32 compliant
  • Defragmenter Toolkit
  • Extreme portability
  • Extreme performance
  • Supports removable media
  • Supports Unicode and Japanese
  • Thread safe multi-tasking

Functionallity Highlights

Terabyte file support

A 64-bit file interface shatters the 4 gigabyte file size barrier making it possible to create files that in theory could be 24 terabytes in length. In practice, the files are large enough for storing video and high volume streaming data on today’s 100 megabyte plus disk drives.

Failsafe operation

Eliminates volume corruption from power failures and media removals.

Extremely low latency file seeks

The file pointer may be moved from anywhere to anywhere within a multi-terabyte file with virtually no overhead.

Deterministic file IO operations

Files may be read written and extended incurring virtually no overhead allocating and tracking file extents.

Programmer controlled pre-allocation

of file extents allows the programmer to specify how much (if any) fragmentation of data files is acceptable.

Volume defragmenter subsystem

Provided with ERTFS.

Drop in support for Digital Video Recorder applications.

Sophisticated circular data buffering and zero copy file extract routines allow easy creation of demanding DV/R products.

High speed data logging routines

Available for developing DVR applications or industrial, military or scientific streaming data applications.

Features Included with ERTFS
Check Disk Regression Test Tool String Tables Within a Single Source File
Format Linear Flash Support Windows Prototype Environment Included
Command Shell Virtual Disk Feature Pre-built Windows Based ERTFS Command Shell Reference
Included Driver Support
IDE Hard Disk Floppy
Compact Flash ROM Disk
RAM Disk Linear Flash
MMC SmartMedia
Optional Drivers
USB Memory Stick
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