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Advanced SNMP Agent

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) helps administrators and others with system administration (network stack and applications) by allowing remote configuration, monitoring and management of remote equipment. EBSnet, Inc.'s portable Advanced SNMP Agent is an enhanced version of SNMP (v1, v2c and/or v3) that meets the highest quality standards, passing all known industry testing, including Silvercreek test suite and CERT.

The Advanced SNMP Agent includes a MIB (Management Information Base) compiler that automates agent MIB creation, making development of scalars and tabular MIB objects fast and easy.


  • MIB Compiler
  • Passed CERT and Silvercreek test suite
  • Highly Secure
  • Object Oriented MIB
  • RMON
  • Callable Libraries
  • High performance
  • 100% 'C' Source code
  • Extensively tested
  • Comprehensive documentation

Functionality Highlights

The Advanced SNMP Agent has an open, flexible architecture with a simple API that makes it easy to use with any given system. Three versions of the Advanced SMNP Agent are available:

Advanced SNMP Agent v3 supports both MD5 and SHA-1 authenticated and DESencrypted SNMPv3-compliant message exchange. Other authentication and encryption algorithms are available.

MIB II (network stack MIB) and the MIB compiler are included in all versions of Advanced SNMP Agent. The MIB compiler makes it simple to develop scalar and tabular MIB objects and can be used for Stack and Enterprise (application) MIB.

Minimum Requirements

Any 16 bit or 32 bit TCP/IP stack; any operating system.

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