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Software Development Kit for UPnP™ Devices and Control Points

EBSnet UPnP™ Software Development Kit ("UPnP SDK") provides a complete solution for developing a UPnP enabled device or control point. Lightweight and robust, UPnP SDK is designed specifically for small embedded systems. UPnP SDK provides the flexibility to be run in a single-threaded, multi-threaded or a polled mode environment and features a built-in web server, web client and an XML parser.


  • Developed for embedded systems
  • Processor independent
  • RTOS independent
  • Runs on any16 bit or 32 bit platform
  • 100% 'C' Source code
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Simple, flexible API
  • Small footprint
  • Royalty free

Functionallity Highlights

Extremely modular in design, UPnP SDK has a simple API and requires less than 100K of code and 10K of data space.

UPnP SDK source code features the following reusable libraries: SSDP, GENA, SOAP, XML Parser, Web Server, and Web Client.

Extreme Portability:

UPnP SDK is designed to be extremely portable. It uses RTPlatform, EBSnet’s new and easy to use porting layer, making UPnP SDK independent of operating system, network stack, and platform.

UPnP SDK Architecture:

Minimum Requirements

Any 16 bit or 32 bit TCP/IP stack; any operating system.

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