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Wireless Station Support

Create wireless network stations with EBSnet's 802.11 driven network stack. Designed to simplify the transition from Wired to Wireless, EBSnet network stack users can easily transition their wired embedded network device into wireless using EBSnet's traditional Ethernet implementations. EBSnet's 802.11 driver has been developed to support Intersil's PRISM WLAN chipsets as found in Symbol Technologies' Spectrum24, and Proxim Corporation's ORiNOCO Goldcard (previously from Agere) for example (please call for list of other cards supported).


  • Based on IEEE 802.11b standards
  • Supports PRISM derived chipsets
  • Fully configurable for size and efficiency
  • Works with access points (IBSS)
  • Works without access points (BSS)

Functionallity Highlights

Simple development transition:

The EBSnet 802.11 driver is implemented in the same fashion as other Ethernet drivers. Developers can test their device on a wired network using standard Ethernet drivers and later drop the final code into their wireless station.

Designed for embedded systems:

EBSNet’s 802.11 driver can be tuned for the embedded devices need to conserve memory and power. The developer can configure for:

Data transmision security:

The EBSnet 802.11 driver includes support for Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) as a security device to prevent inadvertent disclosure of transmitted data over the wireless system. The WEP encryption supports 64-bit and 128-bit encryption through the symmetric key cipher RC4.


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