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Since the beginning of EBSnet, Inc., hundreds of companies have become satisfied customers and the list continues to grow. No matter what your embedded needs are, EBSnet has the solution.

The following unsolicited testimonials were given to us by people who needed an embedded solution and found one at EBSnet, Inc. No matter what it is that you are building, we offer the most comprehensive embedded resources found anywhere in the world. Please call our toll free help line at 1-800-428-9340 with any questions regarding your project. We are sure you will become one of EBSnet, Inc's many satisfied customers.

The sources for these testimonials are available upon request.

Testimonial 1

We wish to congratulate you on your excellent product RTIP. Unfortunately it was not our first choice. It was however, our final and best choice. We had a very bad experience with one of your competitors. Your product truly exceeded our expectations. We actually had it working on the first day, and this exceeded our expectations by about 4 days. The support coming from EBSnet was excellent. I can heartily recommend your product and I would caution other customer prospects that the company with the largest advertising budget is not always the best choice in this field of TCP/IP stacks. We found EBSnet's RTIP to be a gem of a product, even though it is a little bit less widely known.

Testimonial 2

I run a business that manufactures and sells industrial test equipment. One of our larger customers (a commercial aerospace company in Phoenix) has used, and continues to use the RTIP package. Initially, we helped this company evaluate and install embedded TCP/IP stacks. In that search, we evaluated stacks from EBSnet and other major stack vendors.

We decided on using the EBSnet RTIP package with little hesitation. Our application would require using a TCP/IP package in a real-time multi-tasking environment that was written by our customer. This along with the fact that, at the time, our Ethernet controller was not yet supported, led us to make our decisions based on available documentation and support from the respective software companies.

The source code of the EBSnet package was documented much better than either of the other two packages we evaluated, the users documentation was also much more detailed and helpful. The folks at EBSnet were extremely helpful in their support, and the package was in and running with our chipset in just a few days.
We have been using the RTIP package in our embedded real-time multi-tasking environment for over a year now and it has worked flawlessly for us. I have also used the package in some DOS based test code that I have generated along the way and it works very well there also.

I hope this information helps you in your evaluation. We certainly have had very good results with the EBSnet package. We had actually used one of the other two packages we evaluated, in the past. Things did not work out well for us until we made the decision to use the EBSnet RTIP package instead.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Testimonial 3

I want to thank both you and Peter. It is rare that I see this level of quality support. We are a small embedded systems consulting company and hence deal with a lot of OS’s and other third-party tools. Therefore we often have to deal with various tech support groups. I’ve become very jaded over the years when dealing with these groups, not only because they have a hard time understanding my problem, but also because I seem to understand their products better than they do. You impressed me at all steps:

  • First I was impressed that I got a real person on the phone that did more than just take my phone # and tell me somebody will call within 24 hours.
  • I was impressed that I was transferred to one of the key people, who of course, knows the product very well.
  • Then I was impressed that Peter spent the time to review what could be going on, it took some time. It was also good to have a positive dialog (as opposed to adversarial) during the process. I realize some customers can be difficult (I have a few of those myself), but it’s nice that you don’t start out assuming that they will be.
  • And finally to have you follow up with useful information is great.

Thanks again!

Testimonial 4

Some weeks ago I got your RTIP package and started porting my application to the embedded TCP stack. I found that your software is one of the best prepared packages I have ever seen. Congratulations.

Testimonial 5

Our product is used for our videotransmission...was developed only for low data rates (20 KBytes/s) and uses a serial interface. Our product (TCP/IP-Modem with RTIP-TCP/IP-Stack) is the "product of the month, september 2000" in one of the biggest security magazines (WIK-Sicherheitsblatt and protector) in Germany. The real name for this product is "TCP/IP ALARM ADAPTER." The same product should be used later with a 16 Bit data interface for high data rates.

Testimonial 6

" ...thanks for your help, we went from 'it won't work and it never will' to 'it works' in a day and a half." Our reseller who was middleman on this sale responded to us with: "Many thanks for your help with this. This one was definitely beyond what I could do myself. Looks like you saved the customer."

Testimonial 7

" ...just to let you know, we've got RTIP up and running on our embedded product using our Ethernet port and multiple serial ports with PPP. RTIP has proved to be quite superior to the TCP/IP stack supplied by an RTOS vendor that we used on an older product."

Testimonial 8

I found the problem with RTIP running on my 68K system and odd message lengths. The Ethernet chip driver (in my case, CS89X0) routine net_rx() handles odd length's as commented out below. Since my bus swaps bytes in h/w it was getting the "LSB" instead of the "MSB". All works great, now. Porting RTIP to our deeply embedded 68332 based system went like butter!!! By far, the ease of use of RTIP exceeded my expectations and it was well worth the money. (Don't tell my competitors about it....)

Testimonial 9

By the way, everyone here from the CEO down who has seen the Compact Flash running on our product in such a short time has been amazed. Great product and I'd be happy to be a reference for you.

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