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Web Server Pro/Advanced

Embedded Web Server

EBSnet's Web Server Pro is a full featured web server that provides functionality to control embedded devices and supports advanced server side scripting. It is designed as an object oriented library that provides an API for both C and C++. The advanced persistent and asynchronous event handler allows the controlling and monitoring of time critical embedded devices in real time. Data transfers between clients and the server can be secure using the authentication, authorization, and SSL features.


    Web Server Basic

  • Remote web browsing
    using HTTP protocol
  • Device monitoring
  • Initiate events from
    callback functions using tags

  • Web Server Pro Advanced

  • Encryption using integrated
    SSL stack

    Web Server Pro

  • Web Security
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Persistent Event Handler
  • Multiple device control in real time
  • API for both C and C++ code

Functionallity Highlights

With Web Server Pro, you can develop and test your initial application on a Linux or Windows development machine. When your project reaches its completion it can be easily ported to the target embedded device using the simple to use porting layer.

Extreme Portability:

Web Server Pro is fully integrated with EBSnet's suite of products. For example, Web Server Pro provides file access through its independent virtual file system. However, a full featured file system can be easily integrated for applications that require one.

Optional Added Security:

Web Server Pro is easily upgradable to the Advanced version which provides secure clientserver data exchange using an integrated SSL stack.


Any 32 bit, 30+ mhz processor with 1mb ram available.

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