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EBSnet's cross-platform runtime environment

RTPlatform is EBSnet's cross-platform runtime environment. It defines an interface between the high-level platform-independent code in EBSnet's standalone products and the lower-level operating system/hardware environment. EBSnet's products can be run standalone (on any network stack or filesystem), on RTIP (EBSnet's network stack), or on ERTFS (EBS's file system).


  • Self-contained abstraction layer to port to different environments
  • Multiple kernel configuration (Kernel Mode, No-Kernel Mode, and Hybrid Mode)
  • Distributed with ports to popular kernels
  • Scalable design


We specialize in integrating all of our products with real-time embedded kernels.
Visit our integration services page for more details.

Drop-In Support

In addition to RTPlatform, all of EBSnet's products have drop-in support for the following platforms:

AMX™ SMX™ RTKernel™ CMX™
Nucleus™ uC/OS™ RTXC™ embOS™
Threadx™ Toppers/JSP™ TTL/MQX™ Quadros™
PSOS™ LINUX™ Windows™ ecos™
PowerPC PowerQUICC II Hitachi[SH]
Coldfire ARM XScale
Mitsubishi MIPS x86
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